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Bamboo Bicycles



Bamboo Bicycles are built in many countries around the world and vary in quality. You can buy High-End Bamboo Bikes which uses better quality bamboo, better components and more precise construction, or a lower-end Bamboo Bike with less expensive components, lower quality bamboo. The bamboo frames quality is dependent upon the materials used to bond the joints and the type of bamboo used. Some builders use Carbon Fiber and others use natural materials like abaca for the joints. Bamboo species have different characteristics and strength. The strength of the frame will also depend on the type of bamboo used and whether it was properly harvested and dried.

Bamboo Bicycle Construction

Bamboo Bikes are not as easy to build. The average Bamboo Bike takes between 40 to 45 hrs. There are many reasons for this. One reason is each pieces of the Bamboo Bike frame needs to be joined together. These joints are mended together with several types of fiber. Abaca fiber & Carbon Fiber are the most widely used, either alone or together. The overall strength of the Bamboo Bike is determined not as much from the Bamboo as from the quality of the joints. So each joint needs to be custom made and done correctly otherwise it will not pass the strength testing. Creating a Bamboo Bike is an art and when done correctly can provide an amazing final product. 

Bamboo Bike Builders

Using a jig to make a Bamboo Bike is a necessity. Each piece of the frame is custom fit first and then the process of wrapping the joints begins.

Bamboo Bike Builder using a jig


Strength Testing

Once the Bamboo Bike is completed they are tested using a machine like this one.

Bamboo Bike strength testing machine


Bamboo Bike Build Process


This is the process of making a Bamboo Bike. There is a lot of detailed work that goes into making a perfect bamboo bicycle frame. The components that you choose for your Bamboo Bike will determine the performance and quality, the more expensive the components, the better performing Bamboo Bike you will have.


Competition Bamboo Bicycles

The #1 Bamboo bike maker is still undoubtedly Boo Bicycles. Carbon Fiber reinforced and built for competition. These bikes are top of the line when it come to quality and performance. A complete setup can run anywhere from $8,000 USD and beyond. Nick Frey and James Wolf began in 2008 and over that time have created a magnificent product. Check out their Bamboo Bicycles here.


Bamboo Bike Accessories

There are some cool bike products made of Bamboo. Bamboo Helmets, Bamboo Bike Stands, Bamboo Rims and Bamboo Water Bottle Holders.

Bamboo HelmetBamboo Bike Standbamboo water bottle holder