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Sometimes a product comes along that you never imagined you might appreciate this much. This is one. Nicely handcrafted from cool bamboo, which gives you something to look at while you take care of business. Try it!

Colin T Reedy

I am an eco friendly person and I love useful products that use sustainable earth friendly materials. I was looking for a phone stand for my office and came across this little gem made by Boohugger. I love bamboo and have been intrigued by it since I first saw the bamboo forests in China over 10 years ago.  I am probably going to buy the bench for my front walkway because it’s that cool looking.

Luke D. Miller

Very pleased with my purchase of Bamboo Wire Tunnels. I'm clutter free. They are well made,
functional and attractive. Love Bamboo. I will definitely order more products from Boohugger.