Handcrafted Bamboo Products

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Our Bamboo Farm

A farm to table bamboo manufacturer creating practical products for the home. Our products are handcrafted from nature with passion. With over 30 years design experience boohugger is dedicated to bringing you high quality bamboo products that are built to last. We want the best products for our customers. boohugger is also eco-conscious and believes bamboo has its place in the world. We use minimal transportation to acquire our materials.
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Plantation Grown

At Boohugger we professionally grow and manage our own Bamboo. We don’t use any herbicides or pesticides; we grow the finest natural material in the world. Folks think that bamboo is light and hollow, and can easily be split. Our bamboo is different, it will dispel all previous conceptions of quality. We work only with the best bamboo in the world.


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SOLID Bamboo

We grow SOLID bamboo and nearly solid bamboo. It is extremely durable, hard and bug resistant. This is not like any bamboo that you have ever experienced.     




Our Production

It takes a talented craftsman years to become a master and even longer to be a bamboo master. Our factory Bamboo Master Co. is the only choice for the world’s finest bamboo products.


boohugger bamboo production

Social Responsibility

We provide training for disabled and underprivileged craftspeople. Boohugger artisans are unionized and receive social and health insurance, we provide bicycles, support, training, gifts, parties and hope to our people way beyond what they call “fair trade”, were a family.