Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo
Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo

Cat Scratching Post - Natural Bamboo


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Boohugger Cat Scratching Post – Sturdy
Bamboo and Jute – All Natural Materials
  • Sustainable Bamboo Cat Scratching Post
  • Natural Jute Surface for Healthy Nails
  • Stable 3 Point Base Ideal for Corners
  • Neutral Colors fit into Decor
  • Scratch the Jute Wrapped Post from any side
  • Stable 3 point base; made of organic bamboo
  • Simple screw-together assembly—instructions and tools included
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 19 x 20.5 inches

Your kitten or cat will love this natural cat scratching post with all-natural surface for sharpening claws, building strength for defense, climbing, and jumping skills.


Natural Bamboo Construction

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About this item

  • Jute Scratching Surface - The natural Jute scratching surface is durable and fun to scratch on. It’s all-natural too, so you won't be introducing loose and airborne artificial fibers into your living space. This means your cat won’t be making a mess like with other cardboard cat scratchers or scratch pads. Boohugger’s all-natural material offers excellent traction for cat climbing. It’s perfect for indoor cats, large or small.

  • Stable Base and Sturdy Construction - The weight of this large scratching post is rather substantial at 6 pounds! That’s because this cat furniture piece is made from solid timber bamboo, not conventional lightweight hollow bamboo. With its tripod base, the Boohugger cat scratching post provides reliable stability and can safely accommodate more than one cat or kitten at a time.

  • Boohugger Cat Scratching Post - Give your indoor cat the best natural cat furniture with the Boohugger Cat Scratching Post. This sturdy scratching post allows your favorite pet to entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content. Place near your cat’s favorite window or anywhere your kitty likes to spend time, and watch the fun begin. The post is an excellent deterrent for cats with a proclivity for scratching things they shouldn’t

  • Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch - A go-to spot for releasing energy or satisfying the urge to claw, your cat will truly appreciate this cat scratcher. Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen and condition their nails through scratching and removing dead layers. By providing a scratch pad for your cat, you’ll save yourself from potential property damage, and keep your kitty happy and healthy at the same time.

 A Look at the Details

Cat on scratching post

Natural Jute Scratching surface.

This all natural material is the perfect surface for your furry friend to sink their claws into. It’s crunchy, scratchy and best of all does not release synthetic fibers into the air as other scratching pads do. This scratch pad leaves no messy cardboard to clean up either!

Cat on scratching post

Natural and modern design fits in with any décor.

Whether your home's decorative style is classic, rustic or even modern, the Boohugger cat scratch post will fit right in with the furniture. The solid triangular design base makes it fit into any space and even into corners.

Cat scratching post bamboo

Stable base, solid construction

Why do we use a tripod to stabilize a camera? Because 3 legs provide the most stable solution. We know that cats can forget everything when getting into a good scratch session, but you can rest assured that the post will stay upright for their scratching pleasure.

bamboo cat scratching post assembly

Easy to Assemble

Assembly is as EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3, with only 3 legs to attach. All screws, instructions and even an allen key come included with the boohugger Cat Scratching Post. Your cat may pounce on this scratcher before you finish attaching the legs!

bamboo strips

Highest Quality Bamboo

Our Vietnamese Tam Vong bamboo is the strongest and most solid bamboo in the world. Just like wood, bamboo comes in many different varieties and qualities. Most bamboo products on the market are made from bamboo that’s soft like pine wood, while our bamboo is more like hardwoods such as maple or oak.

handcrafter bamboo with tools

Handcrafted Artisan Bamboo

During production, each piece of bamboo is selected and prepared by skilled bamboo artisans led by bamboo master and designer James Wolf. All Boohugger products are designed and built to exceed your expectations of what bamboo can do.


*All boohugger products have a coating applied to protect it and enhance the beautiful natural appearance. However, if left in a moist environment, mold might appear. If it does, just wipe it off with some warm water and vinegar and allow it to dry, preferably in the sun.